Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tea Light Box Tutorial

Hi everyone! What crazy weather we're having! Only here in Southern Ontario (Okay Canada), can you wear sandals one day and the next winter boots! I even know some people who put their air conditioner on yesterday! Now today, it's back to having the furnace going. The joys of Canada~

Where were we!? Oh yah, my Tea Light Box Tutorial! I have had numerous people ask me for directions on how to make it. I am going to try and explain it to you. Not to worry, I have lots of photos! You may just want to go get a coffee, tea, or snack before we start. Don't worry it isn't complicated at all!

Supplies you will need:
1 piece of card stock or paper of your choice measuring 5x7
Scoring tool (either one from your trimmer or Simply Scored Scoring Tool)
Paper snips or scissors
Sticky Strip
Corner Rounder
Scallop Tag Top Punch
Paper Piercing tool
Brad or Ribbon
Bone folder
Let's get started!

Step 1.
Place your paper in the horizontal position on your scoring tool and score @ 1, 3, 4

Step 2.
Then in the vertical position and score @ 1/2, 1 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2

Your paper should look like this (I used a black maker so you could see the score lines better)

stampin up

Step 3.

Cut out all the areas that I have blacked out with the black marker. Then cut up to the first score line. It should now look like this. You now want to take your bone folder and fold up all those scored edges.

stampin up

Step 4.
This next step in what Connie Stewart calls mitering. It helps the box close nicely. All you do is take little triangles off of the 4 little square tabs. See photo below.

stampin up

Step 5.
This next step is just taking your corner rounder and rounding the corners of the small rectangular flap. You will see this flap when you open the box. It just looks nice with rounded corners.
Step 6.
Inserting the long piece on the right into your Scallop tag Top Punch.

 stampin up
Step 7.
Now you need to add Sticky Strip to the 4 small tabs. Hopefully you can see it in the photo.
stampin up
Step 8.
Time to assemble the box. It should now look like this.
stampin up
Step 9.
Now just fold the lid over to close the box. To make the last scored edge just fold it over too. I tried scoring it first but the lid didn't shut very well. I found this to be the best way.
Step 10.
Here is where you have a choice of either to put in a brad or to tie ribbon around your box. The choice is yours. I have found that adding the ribbon is much easier, but the brad looks really cute. Close the lid, with a pencil mark where you would like your brad to go. If you make the hole too close to the scallop then it is too hard to close. You might want to experiment on a piece of scrap paper first before you poke a hole in your box. I really hope this makes sense!

stampin up

You want to have the brad stick out a little so it catches the scallop. See photo below. I put a small piece of tape behind the brad to hold it out.

stampin up
Now the really fun part. Embellish the way you want! Here is one I made using a ribbon. I think it is just as pretty!

stampin upstampin up

stampin up
If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. Even if you are stuck on one of the steps. I am here to help! I would love to see what you have created, please send me a photo!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stamping!
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